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I am using a custom built system since 2007. its an asus m2npv-vm its never had any real problems. That is until today. My friends computer got a virus where it wouldn't let you do anything inside windows and made the computer extremely slow. It was an ide drive. I had a free ide cable above my dvd rom drive so i connected it on my sonata II case bar up top. I booted it with the side open and i was getting no video signal and it didnt seem like power supply was giving full power. I disconnected his and put the case back in only to find the same thing happening.

I have tried reconnecting all my hd cables, 2 are ide, and 2 are sata. I also reconnected the ide cable on my burner. Still nothing. What exactly is occuring is this. I connect the cable to back of power uspply and the mobo light comes on. After that I press power and it seems like my ocz 700w power supply is blinking on the bottom and the blue lights on front of my case are blinking, the hd light stays solid. I get no power to the hds, my video card, usb ports or anything. All that powers on is the cpu fan.

This isn't making sense to me. I have tried the holding the power button in while the cable is not plugged in for a minute into the power supply and it did not help.

I am hoping you guys have some suggestions. My case is tight and mobo small microatx I felt around to push them in and nothing seems loose at all. Could it be a dead mobo?

Please, please help.
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  1. That would be my guess. Try your buddies PSU just to be sure but I had the same thing with my emachine. Doe the fan in the PSU start up?
  2. He left already but I may have to try that. Yes the psu fan is running and the cpu fan is running, but nothing else seems to get power. case fan, the gpu fan, hds, cd drive, usb. nothing is getting power. any idea as to why this would occur suddenly i didn't really change anything. i shut down to install his drive in mine to virus scan but of course never got past that point since it came to this issue.
  3. try taking out the cmos battery and jumping it. Maybe their was a short while plugging in the drive. static shock or something.
  4. If the mobo is dead ususally the cpu fan wont run unless it is getting powered directly from the PSU.
  5. What do you mean by jumping it? What is the process to that?
  6. sorry I was on craigslist, hehehe, Their is a jumper that is labeled CMOS. It should have three PINS l l l as so, it will have a jumper like the ones in the back of hard drives on two pins. Just move them from pin 1-2 to pin 2-3 then put back to pin 1-2 .
  7. Well i found my manual and it said to remove battery move the jumpers. I couldnt remove the battery it has some weird clip and is very enclosed tightly i tried every which way and it wouldnt work. so anyway, I just did jumper without removing cmos before i changed the jumper pins nothing changed at all other than I noticed my psu fan didnt come on but the cpu fan still got power. so my guess is its indeed my power supply. i think i will report it to ocz. i will probably head to best buy and get a new power supply to see if its inded the cause.

    Do you feel it could be so before I head there?
  8. Here is a picture of what your looking for in the mobo
  9. Yes if the PSU fan doesn't come on then go with the PSU. Since they are more prone to fail then MOBOs
  10. ok i will head to best buy shortly. also the strange thing is after i moved the jumper back and turne don the fan came back on but it seems slow and doesnt seem as if its outputting full power. does it seem possible that it would only powe rthe cpu fan and nothing else? i just hope i dont waste my time going for new psu and it isnt that. im really at a loss if it doesnt fix
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    The good thing is if it isn't the PSU you can return it to Best buy.
  12. I just wanted to say thanks for pushing me to go get a new power supply because i was trying everything and nothign was working. That was my last hope and it worked. They only had 2 power supplies a 650watt antec and some 1000wat random brand for $160. I went with the $107 after tax antec.

    Again many thanks to you!
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