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I dont know if this is the place to ask this but i can't find any info i need anywhere else. I have looked for about 1 week now. I want to get a server to host my website on and i don't know what to get or build. I am somewhat familliar with running a server and i know enough to get my site going on there. My site is basically a search engine with about 500,000 queries a day. I need a server that can handle that. I dont have alot of content so space isn't a big deal. I use between 50 and 100 megs of space. I dont know much about servers so thats why im here. I don't know what to get for what I need. I can spend about $1000 USD maybe a little more but i would like to stick with around $1000 or lower. I prefer a prebuilt or barebones server but i will build one if I must. I really appreciate any help at all! Thanks for reading this. Oh yeah and if you want to make a build list i prefer newegg but its not a must.
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  1. 500,000 queries to the mysql database I mean.
  2. I noticed this and will answer this, Maybe it will help.

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Asap. Budget around $1000.

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Apache, Php 5, mysql database, and thats all i can think of right now

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS)


    PARTS PREFERENCES: preferably intel



    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: just need a fast server that can handle a website with alot of mysql queries.
  3. It's hard to even estimate what you need with out knowing how your site works. If you're really getting 500k queries a day, and I'm assuming your monetizing it, you should probably invest more than a $1000 to get something that's truly server class.

    But figure, 86400 seconds a day into 500k queries and you're serving what? 5.5 queries per second. Factor in maybe a multiple of 2 or 3 for peak time traffic (and I'm just guessing here), and you'll need a system that can handle 11-16.5 queries per second. Again, depending on how heavy your queries are, that may or may not be done on a single machine.

    You'll probably want to invest in fast hard drives, probably SCSI as consumer drives aren't really designed to handle that kind of load constantly. and 15k drives since mysql benefits from fast drives.

    YOu'll probably need quite a bit of RAM also and a fast processor.

    Of course you don't need a graphics card, use onboard video and graphics. Probably on board LAN is also just fine.

    Cooling will be important too. Case airflow, probably more than CPU cooling.

    I also suggest you run a flavor of Linux.

    Am I missing anything? I'm just kinda describing the server class db server hardware in our enterprise.
  4. It really depends on the complexity of the queries. Serving 15-20 simple queries per second usually doesn't require a high performance server. Unfortunately no info about the queries complexity was provided. It also depends on where the server will be located. At an ISP with lots of bandwidth or at home on a slow link where the link might be the bottleneck?
  5. The queries are not complex. My site is just a search engine. It index's page's, links etc, and I have a simple search function. It really doesn't seem like i would need something insane to run this site. I will have the server at home but I pay a little extra a month for basically business class internet and I have a static ip. I also plan on using linux.
  6. Oh yes, One more thing. I know this may be a stupid question but I would like to know. If i build my own server is there anything different between regular processor and motherboards and server processor and motherboards? When im looking at newegg i get stuck cause i cant decide what to do. I have compiled several builds myself and just get frustrated.
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    For what you'll be doing and given the relatively slow Internet link, you could simply assemble a basic server that will be very stable as long as you don't overclock it. For example, I use the following parts in one of my servers:

    - Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P (since it overclocks very well, it's very stable when not overclocked)
    - Intel Q6600 (you could use a newer Dual or Quad Core CPU)
    - Fanless NVidia 7600 GS video card (slow, but this is a server, not a gaming system)
    - 8 GB of G.Skill PI Black DDR2-800 (you might be OK with 4 GB) at 4-4-4-12 timings and 1.9V
    - 3 Caviar Black disk drives
    - Antec Sonata III with an extra fan cooling the hard drives.

    You should keep your OS on a dedicated drive and one or two drives for the web site and the DB.
  8. Ok, Thanks a lot for your input. If my isp speeds are not up to what i want i planned on possibly finding a host that will host my server for me. I was told by other people that I could do that if i wanted.

    I did a newegg build of what i thought would work. Its a little over my price range but if it would server me well, without having to upgrade for quite awhile then I would be very happy.

    2x Intel Xeon E5410 Harpertown 2.33GHz Processors

    ASUS DSAN-DX Dual LGA 771 Intel 5100 Motherboard

    3x Fujitsu MBA3073RC 73.5GB 15000 RPM

    Not sure on memory but 8 gigs sure work im sure.

    Not sure on the case due to size of motherboard.

    Havent decided on powersupply

    Any help finishing this build would be much appreciated, What do you think?
  9. That motherboard is full ATX (10" x 12"). If you ever get that server hosted, will you use your own hardware or will the ISP provide it? If you'll use your own, then it probably should be rack mounted (check with your ISP). You require a SAS controller to connect your SAS drives and 8 GB of FBDIMM.
  10. I will probably use the ISP hardware. This may be a dumb question, But are you talking about modem? I am looking at another ISP right now that is cheaper. I called them today and they told me I Could host my server on their 20Mbps down 2Mbps Up connection and would be ok. I'm not sure about that though, What do you think? I'm not sure what avg speeds would be if i was to get 3rd party hosting. If it comes down to it I will use a 3rd party. I was looking at rack cases today and it seems that I should probably just go with one of those.
    Again thanks for all your input. I really appreciate it, It really helps me out a lot.
  11. Nevermind about the 2Mbps upload question. I found that answer on the web. The answer is no. That upload speed would be too slow it seems for anything but a small personal website.
  12. 1 more question. I have been calling various hosting companies looking to host a server on a 3rd party host like i want to do but.. All the info i get from them is "you can host your domain with us, we are a web hosting comapany". But im not asking to host my doamin, well I am in the sense that my domain will be hosted there but what about my server? Am i asking the wrong questions? I'm making it very clear i want to host my own server that i own through them and all i get is that same answer. what kind of hosting am i looking for specifically? Or does anyone know a host that does this?
  13. You have to find an ISP that will grant you access to their site to install and support your hardware. For security reasons, few ISPs offer that option, but you should be able to find one that does (though the monthly and/or site access fees might be prohibitive). It often is cheaper to use their hardware.
  14. Once again i got my answer from somewhere else. I called a big hosting company and they told me i need to colocate it. I dont like that idea too much but its the only one i can do if i want the speed i need so i guess i may just have to go with a dedicated host... Thanks for everything.
  15. if you are not that much intended towards colocating then better keep this in hand for safer side and look for another one , if time permits.

    Bulbous said:
    Once again i got my answer from somewhere else. I called a big hosting company and they told me i need to colocate it. I dont like that idea too much but its the only one i can do if i want the speed i need so i guess i may just have to go with a dedicated host... Thanks for everything.

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