Optical Blue ray DVD does not read copied dvds

I have HP Pavilion Laptop dv6-3062ee and its blue ray dvd does not read copied DVDs nither 4.7GB nor 8.5GB. It reads original DVDs as well as normal original and copied cds, asls it does not boot from copied DVDs

Please advise how to overcom.

Abdullah Al-Sheikh
email: ajsabdullah@yahoo.com
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  1. What are these copied DVDs copies of? If they are commercially-sold movies or software, this is part of the copyright protection. May I suggest that you burn a DVD on another machine with some bootable free ISO image - maybe Parted Manager. Then put it in your drive and try to boot from it.

    If it doesn't boot, you have a problem that we can work with. If it does, and only fails to read copied commercial DVDs, it's intended to work that way. The content providers can't trust us consumers not to rob them blind.
  2. I meant by copied DVDs; which are my personel data in addition to my personel DVD video, they work on other laptops or desktops.
  3. Ok. I'm still trying to figure out if this is a DVD reader that can't read burned disks. Can it read any DVDs that were burned on a DVD burner, or only commercial disks? And can it write DVDs?
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