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Hello everyone, my 21st is coming up and im expecting a large influx of money from it. I have been wanting to get into I7 for a while now and so the perfect opportunity is upon me. I've gone through an I7 build and just wanted to know if theres anything i can do better or have missed. Many thanks.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Around January 2010 time (my birthday) BUDGET RANGE: £1200 before rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: High end gaming, university work, MSN & Internet Explorer

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Speakers, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Blu-Ray Drive

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (however i have an account with also)

PARTS PREFERENCES: Its I7 so Intel, prefer Nvidia to ATI, Corsair RAM over anything else, Corsair PSU, Asus Mobo

OVERCLOCKING: As can be seen below, i've outlined the I7 920 with a view to overclocking it to the 3.2GHz mark. Will also be OC'ing RAM


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm past the bling, want a simple yet good looking case that cools well.

Intel i7 920, D0 SLBEJ S1366, Bloomfield, 2.66 GHz, QPI 4.8GT/s, 8MB Cache, 20x Ratio, 130W, Retail

Asus Rampage II Extreme, Intel X58, Sok 1366, PCI-E 2.0, DDR3 1600(OC)/1800(OC), SATA I/II, ATX

6GB (3x2GB) Corsair Dominator GT, DDR3 PC3-16000 (2000), 240Pin, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 8, DHX +FAN

Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ 120mm PWM 17dBA+ "HDT" CPU Cooler (775/1366/K8/AM2/AM3)

1TB Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3, SATA 3Gb/s, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache, 8.9 ms, NCQ, OEM

850W Corsair 850HX PSU, ATX, EPS12V, Modular, UK Version - 7 Year Warranty

Antec 900-2 Nine Hundred Two, Plastic/ Steel, ATX Case, Window, without PSU

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate - Retail (Black)

Overall this comes to £1197 inc VAT exc postage. I'm open to all suggestions, thanks.
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  1. Where's your graphics card :??: Is it included in the £1200 budget or ?

    If this is mainly a gaming rig, you'd be better off with the I7 860 or better yet the I5 750. They both perform similarly to the I7 920 when it comes to gaming and would cost a whole lot less, so you'll have a lot more to spend on the graphics card.

    I have a couple of things to say about the build you posted above though:

    1. If your buying an aftermarket CPU cooler, you should get the cheaper OEM version of the processor which doesn't include a stock cooler, for example

    2. RAM is seriously overpriced, motherboard and PSU is a bit on the expensive side too. Here are some alternatives:

    Asus P6T - £169.25

    OCZ Gold 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL8 - £106.98

    Antec TruePower 750W Modular PSU + Antec 902 Gaming Case - £176.53

    Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB - £56.96

    3. Why you need Win 7 Ultimate :??: You can get Home Premium for £60
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate has features that are aimed at businesses. NOT home users.
    Get Home Premium... I've read about the differences, I'm a gamer at night and a computer technician as my full time job. BUT I will still be getting Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM.
  3. I agree with the above posts about Windows 7 Ultimate. It's a waste of money for most users. Here's a link where you can compare the different versions.
  4. Sorry for not clarifying about the graphics card, i'm thinking of waiting for the new GT-300 cards when they come out. Until then i have a GTX 280 that can sit in there just fine.

    Just for the record i'm re-using my old soundcard, an X-fi titanium fatal1ty.

    Thanks for the advice on Windows 7, i'm not fully up to scratch on it yet so if you guys say Home Premium then i'll go Home Premium.

    Corsair is my preferred RAM if im comletely honest and i'd like to stick to it as illogical as that sounds. What is the difference between the P6T and the Rampage II?

    I'll be sure to pick up the HD from E-Buyer for cheaper.

    I'm wanting to stick to Corsair for the PSU as well, can't go wrong with them (no offence to your choices though build).
  5. Sorry for a dual post but just wanted to update...

    I've been looking at an I5 build based upon what you guys have said and i've come up with the following (its simply a replacement of the RAM, Mobo and CPU, assume everything else stays):

    Asus Maximus III Formula

    4GB (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX Dominator GT, DDR3 PC3-16000 (2000), 240 Pin, Non-ECC Unbuff', CAS 8 + Fan

    BX80605I5750 - Intel Core i5 750, S 1156, Lynnfield, Quad Core, 2.66GHz, DMI 2.5 GT/s, 8MB Cache, 95W, Retail

    This brings the build down to £868.40 which i certainly appreciate. Btw, the Fenrir doesn't fit 1156 (to my understanding), does anyone know a good aftermarket cooler for them?

    Apart from losing a memory channel and hyperthreading, is there any other major difference between I7 and I5 that could affect gaming in any way?

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