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I recently bought a PACKARD BELL IXTREME X5620 desktop with WINDOWS 7 - 64 BIT. I need a firewire port on it so that I can upload video camcorder footage. What type do I need or can I just use a usb cable?
Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. So long as your camcorder supports it, a USB cable will also work for transferring everything to your PC.
  2. If there is a FireWire card installed on your motherboard, there will be no problem connecting your camcorder to the computer. If it's really important for you (FireWire) buy the card and install it (If don't know how ask someone to do it).

    If you do have a FireWire connection in your computer, and in your camcorder it doesn't exist, or the other way around; A FireWire connection in your camcorder and in the computer there isn't - you can buy a FireWire to USB (or vice versa) adapter.
  3. Thanks Guys.
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