Undetected hdd's

im having a lot a problems my mobo doesnt detect the hdd's
would you please guide me what is the best way to set the hdds
on sata
on raid or how?
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  1. The motherboard should detect the drive no matter what it's set to. The OS on the other hand may or may not understand AHCI or RAID, in which case the drivers must be installed during the OS instalation.

    If you are using XP, set it to IDE. If set to anything else it will require drivers. Win 7 has native AHCI drivers and I believe Vista does too.
  2. so in other words the mobo has to have the driver's no matter what.
    but its notthing related with the cables or the brand of hdd's or something else?
  3. You must have missed that first sentence where I said "The motherboard should detect the drive no matter what it's set to.".

    The motherboard doesn't need drivers to see the drives. Maybe you have a conflicting device somewhere. Try disconnecting all other drives/CD/DVD and see if it can detect the drive in question.
  4. good thanks
    and how do i have to connect them in ?
    im talking about cables or ports is there an order to do it?
    im sorry im newbie on this!
  5. Are you setting up a new system? If so, put the drive on sata_0 of the main controller (assuming you may have more than one controller). If you are going to install XP, I recommend IDE mode in the bios. If it's windows 7, I recommend AHCI. Install the OS with just the one drive attached, other than the CD/DVD taht you will need to install from. After completeing the install, connect the remaining drives if you have any. If those drives aren't seen in windows, you will need to go into disk management and initialize the drives then they will show up.
  6. how can i initialize the drives on disk management.
    and what is the sata0 i got sata3g(4) and marvel6g(2)
  7. Read the ports on the motherboard. They should be labeled sata_0, sata_1, and so on. Your sata3g(4) is the main controller, the marvell is secondary.

    Disk management is built into windows XP, vista and 7.
  8. what happenn if i transfer old hdd's from a previous board to a new one?
    and it doesnt detect the hdd's?
    you know i do appreciatte your help so much thank you very much
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    I've only run into that situation once and it was a defective DVD drive causing the bios not to see the other drives. As soon as I detached the DVD player, all other drives were recognized.

    If you move a drive to a new system and that drive has a windows OS on it, it will most likely not boot due to the fact that it won't have the necessary drivers installed for the new board. A clean install of the OS is recommended.
  10. if u attach multiple harddisk u have to set 1 hard disk as primary and the next as secondary...the primary should have the os in it will load the os frm the primary hd and will boot..
  11. im confuse on this
    if i got the cd/dvd disk inserted and i want to hookup one hdd what is the proper way to boot and install the OS
  12. Hook the hard drive to port sata_0. Attach the CD/DVD drive. In the bios, set the boot order to CD/DVD first, hard drive 2nd. Insert the windows CD and reboot, allowing it to boot off the install CD.
  13. this board does not have sata_0
  14. tell me please whats marvell ports for?
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  16. The sata ports may be numbered or labeled differently. The motherboard manual will show how they are labeled as well as it should be printed on the motherboard. The marvell ports are just additional sata ports as there probably wasn't enough bandwidth for the main sata controller to have more than 4 ports. If your board supports raid, the marvell controller may have been installed for raid capability.
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