Hp laptop pavilion optical dvd does not read dvds

I have HP Laptop pavilion dv6-3062ee. The optical blue ray drive does not read copied or personel created dvds niether 4.7gb nor 8.5gb. Also it does not boot from copied DVDs.

The optical drive accepts only orginal dvds such as original windows dvd, and all type of original and copies cds.

I visited HP site and upgrade the system bois firmware, but there is no reation to the optical DVD.

Please advise how to fix this problem.

Abdullah Al-Sheikh
email: ajsabdullah@yahoo.cm
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  1. It sounds like the drive is defective and should be replaced.
  2. Might try a light cleaning with some compressed air. Don't blow directly at the lens though. Otherwise, i agree with ^, it might just be bad.
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