Video card for my power supply.

Hello everyone.

I have a thermaltake tr2 550w power supply.
Would i be able to use a 4850 or 5770 video card with this power supply?
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  1. Yes, both would work fine, for single cards.

    Normally the specifications for cards, found on the vendor site or at the manufacturer's website, will list the power requirements. You also might want to become familiar with a free tool for evaluating the power needs of your entire system:

    However that PSU is not considered very high quality and I would encourage you to replace it. Here is a recognized ranking list - note that yours shows up on the bottoem tier - Tier 5:
  2. I was thinking about the low amps on the rails but if they would work then i will probably buy the 5770.
    Thank you for your answer.
  3. When i bought it i did not have the knowledge how things are with it(2 years ago) and it locked pretty good to me at that time.
    What would you suggest to by in the near future? Not too pricey but ok for mainstream video cards(no sli or crossfire).
  4. If I were buying one today, I would get the OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W at $65 - $25 mail in rebate = $40 + $10 shipping = $50. Its decent quality and low price have made it a good deal for at least several months now. If it did not have the rebate, though, I would probably try to find another good PSU on sale.
  5. i would get a corsair psu they are known to be top quality. heres a link to one:
  6. Hi guys, sorry for this late reply, I've bean a little busy.

    OCZ and Corsair sound good, OCZ has more amps but 2 rails wile corsair has only 1 rail. I don't have newegg in my country so i will have to buy from another online store one of those power supply's. I will also check that list with power supply classification that rockyjohn give me in the near future and see witch i will find more suitable if those two are unavailable.

    Thank you.
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