4 th SATA device not detected

dear friends,

I have an asus-m3n78-em-motherboard with 5 SATA and 1 ESATA ports on it.

3 SATA HDDs are detected properly but 1 SATA DVD Writer is not detected!
if i swap 1 HDD in place of DVD, then either of them is not detected!

I have tried with all ports individually, all are working fine, but only 3 devices are detected at a time.
I also flashed the latest bios patch! no gain.

Also in the BIOS, there is just SATA1, SATA2, SATA3 and ESATA
Where are the SATA4 & 5? How to get that in the Bios?
Do i have to change my bios? Are there any software to change bios completely?

You can see the specs here...

Please guide me,

Thanks and regards
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  1. I would suggest contacting Asus. But if you have another sata drive try that in place of the dvd drive. Also change around the power plug. Some systems in the electronics world only detect inputs only when they are used, that could be the case in the bios. Also try to set it up so that it loads off the sata 4th device in bios or sometimes the option is giving in the bio screen some thing like F12-Boot option . Try using another os such as a linux distro to see if that detecs the drive. Good luck.
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