Damaged/bent SATA connectors on SSD

Hi everyone,

I somehow managed to damage the SATA port on my old SSD, which I only noticed today when I installed a new one. It was working fine until I removed it while installing the new one. I tried fiddling with the cable a bit but my PC just doesn't recognize it anymore. 2 pins in the middle are bent and the piece of plastic with the L shape is broken off (see pics).
Now I mostly just want to get the data off the old drive, so I'm looking for suggestions what to do to get my PC to recognize the drive long enough to do that. I'm guessing I just have to bend the pins straight somehow, but I don't have any precision tools and I didn't want to risk breaking a pin.

I'd welcome any suggestions, thanks for your time.

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    If you do not have a pair of precision pliers, do not attempt to straighten the bent pins.

    Instead, use a sacrificial SATA connector cable and carefully break away one half of the connector and expose the pins. Now put the two together and clamp them using binder clips or a similar clamp. Set it down on a flat surface and copy the data off the drive. Patience is key in doing this, and it will work (provided there is no additional unseen damage).
  2. Take the ssd to a jeweller that does extensive watch repair. The jeweller will have highly specialized micro tools that he can use to get the job done.
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