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Hello :)
I have a HP 8160 computer with motherboard TX97-XV and I was wondering if anyone knew of any computer memory to work with this model
I have 2 banks of 32 megs and 2 banks of 16 megs computer memory.
I would like to purchase 2 banks of 32 megs so I can have 128 megs for my computer The 32 megs are chipset D3923
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  1. Wow thats almost identical to my old IBM Windows 95 computer. 233mzh Pentium with 48mb of RAM and an ATI Rage II+ with a whole 2mb of dedicated VRAM! lol

    That sucker was expensive too. Anyway you need EDO RAM. You can still buy it but you might have to look around a bit.
  2. Go to

    The 32 meg 72 pin Simm EDO Ram is 45.99 Each
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