How much RAM can my motherboard handle?

I don't really know much about it, but i have a Dell 0WG261 motherboard that i have had since like 2005. I currently have 1000MB of ram from two DDR 512 MB, 533 MHz ram chips, and i have two free memory slots. My computer says i have 122 MB ram available. How much more memory could I put on my computer using the two slots that i have, and would it significantly increase my computers speed? I like to play games and just use the internet; would more ram increase the speed of my games? There are 115 processes running on my computer right now; i feel like there is a lot of random junk that is slowing my computer down.
if i can get more RAM, what kind should i get and where should i buy it?

thanks for the help.
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  1. If it is the Dimension 5150 with the 0WG261 it can handle 4 gig of RAM

    IFit is not the Dimension 5150 go to and use the Crucial Memory Advisor tool
  2. yeah ive tried to delete some of them but idk what is important and what isn't. i would have no problem disabling most of them. As i look through a lot of them repeat several times like chrome.exe (just my browser) mccibrowser (no idea what this is, repeats like 30 times) svchost (also repeats a bunch of times) cpu usage is generally under 20%, though.
  3. According to this post you can fit up to 4GB RAM - 1GB sticks in each slot:

    What model Dell do you have? Have you been through their website? If you have the E510 like the other poster this page confirms 4GB - 1GB max per slot (this also tells you what Dell says is compatible, but you don't have to go through them):

    You could get two more 512 MB sticks to bring you up to 2GB. Or if the pricing is right you could get 2 x 1GB sticks and replace/sell the 2x512MB sticks you currently have. If you really want to load up, go for 4 x 1GB.

    Or - if you have a lot of junk on your computer one of the best things you can do is wipe it clean and start over. IF you have your OEM restore/install disks, and IF you have install disks/files for any software you actually use, backup what you need and blow the machine away. That's the sure fire way for getting rid of all the bloat that's crept on over the last 5 years.
  4. thanks, yeah i just noticed i do have an E510, is there a specific website i should buy the ram from? a lot of my important files are on my external hard drive; so i could just leave everything important on that and then wipe it clean, right? should i reinstall the operating system?
  5. If you are adding RAM you do not to reinstall windows. The E510 supports 4 Gig also.

    Go to Newegg and get some DDR2-667 (PC2-5300), Almost all brands will work. For $50 you can get 2 Gig of PNY RAM from the egg.
  6. i'm reinstalling windows to make my computer faster.
    what if i just get the dell ones shown here because it would match the ones that came retail with my computer.
  7. Do you have the license for your OS on hand and do you also have copies of Microsoft Office and/or whatever other applications you use? That was the second part of my 2 IFs. You're jumping on this awfully fast, which is fine if you're really prepared. Takes me a heck of a long time to make sure I have all my files backed up and software install disks on hand, but that may just be me.
  8. lol, i actually do have everything i need. as in microsoft office disks and the os disks. I'll go through everthing on my computer to make sure there isn't anything important, i think i'm just going to put everything i need on an external hard drive.
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