Mobo LED no longer comes on after popping noise.

Ok here is my history.

I had a corrupted hal.dll file and while trying to patch that my pc would just turn off , so I finally checked the temp on the CPU and it was way above average (110-130ºC range)

So I took of the heatsink...cleaned the cpu and heatsink and reapplied some AS5 paste to the cpu and put the heatsink back on. Went to power on the system and heard what sounded like a pop (no spark or smell) and now the motherboard led never comes on.

I know something had to have fried , but I am wondering what and why.

System specs

Asus M2N32 - SLI Deluxe MOBO
AMD X2 5500+ Black Edition CPU
1x 750gb Samsung Sata HDD
1x NEC DVD-Burner
1x Nvidia 5800gt GFX card

Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated , I am afraid to take the power supply and hook it up to another system and cause a bad voltage spike.

Is there any other way I can deduce what is actually wrong with the system?

Much thanks in advance for any informative replies.
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  1. Those pop sounds usually come from the PSU. The mobo light usually signifies standby power, which isn't much. Try a different PSU.
  2. Thanks for the fast response , I was very near to the pc when I heard the popping noise and it did sound like it came from the PSU , unfortunately I don't have another PSU to swap out and test -=\
  3. Any buddies that have a PC? You could borrow theirs for a test.
  4. True I'll have to look into that. Hooking up a good psu to my messed up system won't in anyway effect their good psu would it?

    Also what are some of the causes for the stand-by light to no longer come on?

    I conclude PSU or Motherboard , could it also be the CPU too?

    I just dont understand why this happened after cleaning up the old cpu grease and reapplying some new compound.
  5. Hooking up a different PSU to your system won't pose any harm. When you connect it, if the mobo LED glows, you'll likely have your answer then.

    If the PSU blows, it may not even have standby power.

    CPUs are pretty durable. They don't normally die like that. If the PSU blew, it could take the mobo with it. The easiest way to find out, is to try a new PSU.

    Cheap PSUs can blow at any time. What kind is it?
  6. +1 to trying a new PSU. That sounds like the most likely cuplrit. However, if the PSU blew and fried any other components, that's when it gets really fun, because you don't know which. Then you're down to testing each individual component one by one.
  7. Its an OCZ 700watt stealthxstream ...sent back for RMA hoping thats all that is wrong
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