Youtube stops playing randomly

I have a new PC with W7 64 bit. I have tried every browser available and every one of them just randomly stops playing youtube video. I followed this link: at this site, followed all the recommendations and nothing has solved the problem. The W7 64bit has been to say the least, problematic.

I've updated Flash, Adobe, and Direct X. I have tried Firefox, Explorer, Chrome and Opera, and all have just randomly stopped playing at various times. I was watching this vid:
trying to solve yet another issue with my new PC/network and I've fallen one step back. I've got to fix this problem before I can fix the other. Isnt computing fun!?

PS. I havent noticed problems with any other videos or sites, just Youtube. Whats that all about?
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  1. You Tube is like that for me to, I can only use it late it night reliably.
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