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Western digital velociraptor 74gb performance with windows 7

does any one know why i get a 5.9 on windows 7 performance and how do i better it?
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    exactly. to be a bit more verbose: Win 7 caps that score at 5.9 for hard disks. So even if your velociraptor would kill every SSD performance-wise, it wouldn't receive a higher score. Hint: Windows' experience index isn't particularly useful
  2. I also found an strange issue with this though.

    When i ran it, i see i got 2.9 for my Hard disk which was odd,so i did a google search and found that u have to go to device manager and choose your HDD and then go to its properties and Uncheck Enable Write Caching on Drive. See if this helps. I ended up with a 5.9 after that.

  3. I'm of the mind that WEI is simply a feature dreamed up by Microsoft to compel people to buy more expensive hardware. :D
  4. thanx for reply...
  5. I have raid0 with these disks and I get 6.2. On the other hand I have an SSD that gets 7.9, which is the uppermost value.

    I would not put too much value in this rating, even though it bugs me to no end that it is only 6.2!
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