Best cooling Air CPU Cooler that wont block Memory Slots


I know some of the best Air coolers like the Phanteks PH-TC14PE, Noctua NH-D14, etc. are so big that they cover some of the Memory Slots & if you want to use Memory like the Corsair Dominator or others that have high heat spreaders, you can't.

So I would like to know what would be the Best cooling Air CPU Cooler that wont block Memory Slots; for socket 2011 & 1155.

I dont care about Price, noise, etc. Just one that will cool the best because I would like to do some overclocking.

I know some might suggest Water cooling like the Corsair H100, but I dont want to use Water cooling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. I have Zalman 9900 MAX and it's pretty good. My temps at 4.7Ghz don't go higher then 56C. Now remember ur case will affect temps too.
  2. Thermalright Archon/Archon Rev.A/TRUE Spirit 140
    You need a wide case though 9"+ coolers are 170mm tall.
    And yeah you can use Dominators with large coolers like the D-14 = just remove the top fins on one or two modules.
    Large double towers like the D-14 and Silver Arrow give you the option of mounting the fan on the exhaust side of the cooler.
    You don't have to mount a fan on the dimm side and still have two fans in push/pull on the unit.
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