Where did all of the XFX Radeon 5850s go?

I have been looking for the last eight days for one of the XFX Radeon 5850 cards and everyone is out of stock.

Does anyone know where I can buy this card TODAY? Either online or at a retailer in the Phoenix area?
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  1. Good luck at a retailer. What you need to do is put your name on the Auto-Notify list on Newegg.com. that is what I had to do with my 5870. I also kept the search for 5870 on my screen all day and hit refresh. They go fast and you have to catch it. I was hoping for an XFX, but the ASUS cards were delivered yesterday at Newegg so that is what I got. If you are stuck on XFX you are going to wait a while or be very lucky. Honestly they are ALL the same right now with the OEM cooler. Until companies start to make their own coolers for these cards, there really is no difference besides the support the company provides. XFX has the double lifetime warranty, which is the BEST. But I've never had an issue with ASUS and they have a 3 year warranty, I don't intend on having this card 3 years so I am good.

    Good luck, the 5850 is in shorter supply than the 5870's. They has the ASUS on newegg yesterday, and I saw the XFX pop up just an hour ago on Newegg, but if you add it to your cart they were already gone.
  2. All Hoarded :S
  3. One went in my system :) $259 sucka!
  4. They went to the early birds.
  5. I don't know why Ati is being so crappy with their distribution. I haven't seen any 5800 series card in stock at newegg for the past week or two. Why release a card if you cant produce them in adequate quantities.
  6. went to Fry's last night in La Palma...they have 5 XFX 5850 sitting on the shelf. It is selling for $319 each...might as well get the 5870.
  7. I've seen them on Newegg on and off all last week. You just have to get on their auto-notify list and jump on it when the stock comes in. It takes about 30-60 minutes for the 5850 or 5870 to sell out when it becomes available. And you can't be TOO picky with the manufacturer unless you are ok with waiting it out. I don't think they expected the sales to be honest. I mean with the economy the way it is, why would you overstock on a new product? I'd rather have low supply and high demand so people pay premium price. They aren't in it to make us happy, come on. They are in it to make their stock holders happy.
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