Need CPU advice please :(

Hello, I'm looking for some opinions on what CPU I should get. The two I have in mind are the Phenom II x2 550 and Athlon II x4 620. For the most part, I only plan on using the system to play WoW when I have time, but I like to run Pandora and other kinds of music programs in the background a lot, so based on that what do you guys think would be the better buy?
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  1. Both are nice, and both would work well for your needs. If you don't upgrade your computer a lot, then I think I would go for the X4 620. True, the Phenom II does have 6mb L3 cache, and has the possibility of being unlocked into a full on quad, but the 620 is a guaranteed quad core, and will still game well enough in WOW despites its lack of L3 cache
  2. Definitely go quad core. More and more new applications are taking advantage of it-- and you dont really need the clock speed for WoW.

    The Athlon II X4 630 is only $12 more...($99 vs $112) I would probably choose it over the 620 because of the higher clock speed if you arent into overclocking.

    Although the very sexy OEM Phenom II X3 Black is available for $109...
  3. depends on which socket u have......if u have

    AM2--get an AMD Phenom II X4 945 BE
    AM3--get an AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
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