Overclocking q9650 on striker 2 extreme

Hi there everyone

I'm new to this forum and new to overclocking.

ive got a striker 2 extreme paired with a q9650 and 2 x 4gb 1333mhz memory dimms.My cpu is liquid cooled with thermaltake bigwater 850i and the case has about 5 fans,so i think its quite cool.I am using a coolermaster cm690 case.

My system is 2 years old and never actually had time to play around with it.Although i did try a few times but failed.i ended up taking my bios battery out a few times and reloading windows 7 2 times.

Can someone please help me out.

Will keep in contact.
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  1. I would suggest reading this review first and then if you still have questions I will try to help you. :sol: LINK
  2. i have read the reviews....actually i have tried overclocking before but i don't know what values to change and what not to change...
    e.g. my muliplier goes from 6-9 only ...i haven't changed any voltages(cpu and memory) my memory is at 9-9-9-24.
    I don't know if my memory is the problem as i've swapped it with my i7 pc. it doesn't have any heatsinks...not sure if i should purchase another overclocking kit?

    Thanks a lot.looking forward to hearing from you.
  3. The mulitiplier is locked at 9, thou you can lower it. That q9650 should go to 4.0GHz with no problem on that M/BD.

    I do think your memory will hold you back. I use OCZ PC3 16000 (2000) 2 X 2G memory linked and synced so when I change ny FSB it will change the memory as well @ 1:1 ratio. (actual is 1:2)

    That guide I linked you to tells you how to OC with your M/BD! It is the same guide I used in 2008 to OC mine. Read it. Try it out and if you are still having problems I will try to help you.

    I ask this of you because you would at least know what I would be talking about and hopefully why. Good for you and me. :sol:
  4. Forgot to mention this M/BD is picky about what ram you use to OC with. At the time it did not like Corsiar Memory. Might try G Skill. LINK
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