Upgrade opportunity I dont want to waste...

My current spec:

Asus Rampage Formula
intel q6600
4Gb ocz reaper (1066Mhz)
2 ati 4850's xfire
120gb ocz SSD for boot
4x500Gb Hitachi drives in R5 for data
windows 7 ultimtate (RTM)
24" 1900x1200 monitor and my old 19"@ 1280x1024 as a secon display.

Its not a bad machine but I have an opportunity to upgrade with a budget of around £600-£700

Primarily, I guess its a games machine, and I haven't played anything yet that made me unhappy with the performance.
Secondary but also important I do a lot of other stuff, general stuff, movies, 7mc + extender, office and house stuff.

I guess what I am saying is that I want a general allround performer that can do high end gaming at a good res.

I am considering i7, I preffer intel chips and want future proofing
I love asus motherboards and OCZ memory after I had bad experiences with corsair.

I had a GPU failure last christmas and the GPU's i have now are the best thing my local stockist had in stock so i have no loyalty to them. they are loud and run too hot for my liking even with aftermarket AC accelero twin turbo coolers fitted.

Im not too fussed about replacing the data drives as they are just that and I store a lot of stuff on a windows home server
maybe i could get another SSD and stripe the boot drive for speed?

What would you do ?

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  1. i would get aan i7 920 with an asus pt6 mobo and 6gb ocz platinium ram with an ati 5850 should be round £700
  2. any reason why you would choose the pt6 over say the rampage ii gene ?
  3. the pt6 has bout all the rampage has at a better price
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