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I recently overclocked my Q6600 to 3Ghz. It was stable as far as I was concerned; 1 hour OCCT, 20 passes on IBT, and 8 hours Large FFT's on Prime95 with no errors.
As a last test I then decided to run memtest86+ which found errors almost straight away. I upped my DRAM voltage gradually up to 2.1v (from 1.8v stock) but was still getting errors. I found it a bit odd that I'd need to pump so many volts into such a basic overclock so I decided to put everything back to stock and retest the ram again.
I ran it for 8 hours overnight and ended up with 12 errors over 7 passes. Testing one stick at a time finds that I do indeed have a bad stick of RAM.

The thing is that I've been running this system for over a year with no problems at all. No BSOD's, no errors or reboots, nothing. Is it possible that memtest is simply wrong, or should I go about getting an RMA?

Gigabyte EP43-DS3L
2x2GB Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 @ 5-5-5-18
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  1. It's possible that it's wrong. Or it's also less possible that your O/S has handled the erroneous data remarkably well.

    I'd recommend going the RMA route if you can spare the stick in the meantime.
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