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Hi Everyone

Im thinking of upgrading my current system to a AMD Phenom II X4 955 (4 x 3.2 GHz) 8MB - Black Edition with this motherboard - Asus M4A78T-E (AMD 790GX)
AM3 DDR3 and 4bg of DDR3 ram as well as a new version of Windows 7.

would all this work well together?

Now my current system has an Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT card in it - now would I still be able to put this into my new system all ok? With the chipset on the motherboard being an AMD - with alot of ATI support would it still be ok? or would that chipset (from what i could understand) seems to have very good graphic options.

Can I SLI with the motherboard as well? not a big deal I just like to know my options

also should this build keep my future proofed for a good few years?

Sorry for all the questions never to sure what I need to be looking for etc

Hope somebody can help

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  1. Yes it will work, and yes you can reuse that card, and yes that is quite a good crossfiring mobo. As for futureproofing, I've gathered that the AM3 socket is likely to be quite favourable to future developments at AMD. Altho I'm not 100% on that, so someone else with more knowledge would be better answering that question.
  2. thank you very much - I hope someone can confirm that AM3 socket will be future proof?

    Would I be able to use 2 ATI graphic cards to "crossfire" as well as using my current card? Just a thought lol
  3. The motherboard supports Crossfire only, no SLI. No, you can't mix and match Nvidia and ATI on the same motherboard.

    An Intel i5 build doesn't run much more than a Phenom II x4 955 build and would support SLI if you picked the right motherboard.

    The motherboard in this combo supports SLI. (i5 750 + Asus P7P55D PRO combo) $349.98
  4. thank you - It was only a question not a massive thing - but would be good to do eventually.

    I could use the Nvidia on its own on that motherboard tho cud I?

    The motherboard you recommended looks good - that does both i see.

    only prob is that i5 seem abit dear in price
  5. Depends what you're budget is, altho at a certain price point it becomes impossible to do an i5 build without going for seriously cheap parts.
    I guess if you go with the M4A78T-E board you would have to replace that card when it eventually becomes inadequate rather than just add another one.
  6. Yes, you can use a single Nvidia card on the M4A78T-E just fine.

    There is about a $45 difference between the i5 + Asus P7P55D PRO combo and the Phenom II X4 955 + Asus M4A78T-E.

    That $45 gives you a faster system and the ability to add another 9800GT in SLI later. It's a $45 well spent IMO, but I guess you'll have to decide if it's worth it to you.
  7. yea alot of people have said about the intel i5 that iv spoke to

    is it so much better?

    Looking at that mobo it seems like il be future proofing myself abit more in regards to SLI

    are they intel i5's much better than the Phenom ii x4 955 BE??
  8. The i5 is certainly the stronger chip. What exactly will this computer be used for? Why don't you just check the benchmarks and see for yourself?,2410.html
  9. its going to be usedd for gaming and music apps (Cubase) and general use

    and i would like it to be as future proof as pos!

    Thank you for your help

    heres the build im looking at

    1 x 250 GB SATA-II HDD UDMA 300 7200 8MB
    1 x 650W PSU
    1 x Samsung (S222A) DVD PLUS/-RW 22x Dual Layer - Black (IDE)
    1 x Motherboard Integrated Ethernet Lan (Broadband Ready)
    1 x Cooler Master Elite 330
    1 x Motherboard Integrated Graphics
    1 x Corsair 4GB XMS3 PC3-12800 1600MHz (2x2GB) - Lifetime Warranty CAS 9 (DDR3)
    1 x 10 X USB 2.0 Ports
    1 x Intel i5 - i7 Heatsink & Fan - Low Noise
    1 x Intel Core i5 750 (2.66GHz) 8 MB 4.8GT/s
    1 x Asus P7P55D (Intel P55) Deluxe (Includes 2 Free Games)
    1 x Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32 BIT & 64 BIT (Genuine CD & COA Included) PRE ORDER 22-10-09

    any good?
  10. Where are you getting these components from? I don't like how they don't list the specs on the PSU. That's never a good sign. The PSU is the one component to not cheap out on, but most pre-built computers do just that. The 250GB HD will be pretty slow compared to current drives and you should get a SATA DVD burner instead of IDE.

    There's one other thing that doesn't make any sense - "1 x Motherboard Integrated Graphics". No P55 motherboards have integrated graphics. I know you said you already have a graphics card, but this drives home my suspicion that the company you're buying this from doesn't really know what they're doing.

    What country do you live in? Is there a reason you're not going to build this yourself?
  11. thanks for your quick reply.

    Im thinking of getting it from im from England.

    heres the tech info for the PSU any good?

    AC Input 230VAC 10A 50-60Hz
    Connectors Molex Connections: 6
    Floppy Connections: 1
    SATA Connections: 1
    Depth 40mm
    Height 83.3mm
    Over Load Protection Built-in
    Special Features 12 CM Silent Fan
    Warranty 1 Year
    Width 150mm

    take your point on the DVD drive il change it to sata
    im only getting a 250gb hd as im goin to take my current 500gb out of my current pc and put it in there.

    Im not to confident on doing it myself as well as this warranty is a issue to if i **** it up il have to buy new components this way it'l b ok when it gets here
  12. Those PSU specs still don't tell me much. What brand and model is it? What are the 3.3v, 5v, and 12v Amp ratings? The fact that it only has 1 SATA connector would indicate that it's an old, inefficient PSU that shouldn't go anywhere near a new PC. Any decent PSU will be at least 80 Plus certified and have active PFC. Anything less can cause all sorts of problems ranging from system instability to fried components.
  13. Thank you for that! i wont go for that one then!!

    heres another one - any better? cant go over board on it mind as it'l up the price alot! lol but obvousily dont want anything that'l damage the PC

    Cooler Master 700W Modular - Silent

    Special Features The SLI-Ready GameXStream 750 Watt power supplie is designed specifically for the demanding computing environments of PC Enthusiasts, Power Users, and Gamers.

    As more and more gamers take advantage of the gaming benefits offered by multi-GPU technology the need for improved power supply solutions increases greatly. The GameXStream features high-quality components to ensure your PCs vital hardware is supplied with clean, stable and reliable power without compromising effectiveness.

    Kept ultra-cool with a large 120mm fan, the GameXStream remains virtually silent and supremely cool even at peak loads. The highly efficient GameXStream core is sheltered in a standard dimension chassis, resulting in a smaller footprint and more legroom for system-cooling modifications. GameXStream PSUs provide Active PFC to effectively regulate input voltage to deliver superior operation in a wider range of environments and countries with varying voltages.

    Second to no other gaming PSU, the GameXStreams unprecedented quality and performance is the ultimate solution for serious gamers.
    Warranty 3 Years
    Web Address
  14. That PSU would be OK. You mentioned a Cooler Master 700W modular PSU, but listed the specs and link to an OCZ GameXStream PSU. Which one are you thinking of getting? Either one should be fine.
  15. oh sorry - right ok il get one of those then!

    price is creeping up and up lol

    where would you recommend me getting my pc from? where do you use?

    I choose the as it seemed cheap and easy to customise online
  16. we build it ourselves
  17. I'm in the US and build my own computers. I don't know what builders would be good in England. Hopefully someone else will chime in with a suggestion.
  18. I had guessed you all make your own - im not that confident to do so lol

    many thanks for all your help shortstuff very kind of you to take the time to help!

    I think im going to go for the intel i5 rather than the AMD Phenom ii 955 BE which was my intial thought!

    and get the P55 deluxe Mobo - you said the no P55 Mobo has intergrated graphics but obvousily i have my own now (SOUNDS A REALLY DUMB QUESTION - but i feel the need to ask ) but it'll all work ok and display fine before i put my graphics card in it wont it?
  19. The company you're buying this from will have to put in some sort of GPU in order for the system to output video. You'll have to remove the GPU they put in and replace it with yours. I would call them and ask them about it since their specs are not correct.
  20. ah maybe not sure a dumb question as i thought lol

    just emailed them so let hope they get back to me

    do you think the intel i5 is the best bet? or maybe going with the AMD Phenom ii 955 is a better option
  21. or get a p55 build with an 9800gt installed and sli
  22. obsidian86 said:

    thanks for that website

    just checked it out only prob is you cant customize the motherboard in the cuztomisable systems
  23. obsidian86 said:
    or get a p55 build with an 9800gt installed and sli

    i would but its cost at the end of the day! thats another £70 odd quid
  24. yeah ok but i would suggest building your own there are millions of step by guides and videos online on building a system we all were new to pc building at one stage or another we made (costly) mistakes but we never forgot what we learned from that mistake a, risk is a risk as is simply waking up everyday
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