Dvd disc wont come out

I inserted a disc normally. I then ejected the disc. The tray came out with no disc ... it must still be in there. I then put another disc in then ejected it and all seemed normal. How do I remove the disc?
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  1. But where would the disk go?????

    There isnt really room in a Drive to fit more then 1 disk.
  2. DVD Disc terror!!!

    I had an SH-223 DVD drive/writer into which I installed a DVD one day, an original mfg. program disk at that. I reinserted the tray by just pushing on it, I suspect many people do it this way. Well, I couldn't access the DVD so Natch!, I would just push the button on the drive and eject the disc then return to normal. Nothing... I tried to eject from Windows, nope. Well, "Crap I sez", I'll find a paper clip and stick it in that tiny hole. NUTHIN! No response, wouldn't budge. I was kind of worried as this was disc 2 of a 3 disc game set.
    In desperation, I remove the DVD drive from it's case and proceed to remove the screws from the assembly. Any easy task.
    Much to my astonishment I found nothing but tiny pieces of a DVD disc collected in the innards of the assembly. TINY! Smaller than a grain of rice. I dumped them all out on a sheet of paper and collectively they would not even have come close to equalling the size of a standard disc.
    Where did the rest of it go? I'm baffled.

    To this day I push the button on a CD drive to insert discs.
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