I5 2500k @ 4.5ghz 1.352v safe 24/7?

Hey I just overclocked my 2500k to 4.5ghz with 1.352v.
Was wondering If it'll be safe for running 24/7?

full specs:
Case: CM Storm Trooper.
Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V LX
CPU: i5 2500k
RAM: Cors Vengeance 1600Mhz 2x4Gb
Cooling: Corsair H80
GPU: MSI r6970 Lightning
Power: Corsair - Enthusiast TX750M

I live in a cold enough country so my ambient temps are around 15-20*c

Running prime I maxed out at 71*c on core 1 and 68/67 on the other 3 but after that maxing out it sat at 68 the whole time. Is there any chance of this damaging the cpu or are these temps safe?
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  1. The temps that you are getting are ok, what about the idle temps? Normally a cpu could withstand 95ºC top, but that's the limit, so no use on getting near there right?
    Again, how are you doing with your idle temps? are you manually setting the volts or they're on auto?
  2. Hell yes, I am fortunate with my i5 2500k, I got it clocked at 1.24V 24/7 for months now @4.5GHZ. Just keep it below 1.4v!
  3. 1.24? :O thats so low :O gonna have to do some tests. what are you temps like? and what cooler?
  4. You might can drop the voltage a bit. My 2600K does 4.5Ghz at 1.32v with Hyperthreading on and the 2600K usually takes a bit more juice than a 2500K because of the Hyperthreading. Temps in the upper 60s low 70s with Prime 95 are fine. What you have now at 1.35v should be safe for a long term overclock. You might just have a chip that is not quite as good just like Redeemer sounds like he got a great chip. They are all different.
  5. Remember that core temps measured on die. When peeps talk about max cpu temps they mean temp under heatspreader, which is 8-10 C lower. Also max temp for ur cpu is 72. Ur voltage is kinda high, but it all depends on cpu batch. I'm hitting 4.7 @ 1.325
  6. gonna try it at 1.27v now. we'll see how stable it is. because on this motherboard it seems the voltage it wants is 1.265 at 4.5ghz. how long do you recon I'd need to run prime95 to see if its stable? I don't fancy burning the cpu for like 12 hours :S
  7. ok 1.27 instantly crashed as soon as i started :(
  8. Does it post into bios?
  9. It gets onto windows. its prime95 that insta crashes it. My bios is being retarded. its showing a different voltage all the time each time i go into the tweaker tool -.- and it dosnt let me set a voltage either, theres only some voltage I cant change(which constantly changes each time i load up bios) and theres an offset.. I set the offset to 0.100 and when the bios is at 1.207 apparantly now on cpuz it shows 1.360 while running at load. this crap his unreliable -.- I shoulda left it at 1.352 because that was stable and didnt cause probs. now I've to get rid of this high voltage xD
    Is it ok for it to be jumping between 1.352 and 1.36?
  10. Looks like I got it to stablise now @ 1.352/1.360 acording to cpuz.. Wierd. I'll prob leave it at this because this is my first overclock and don't have enough experience to be playing with it so much
  11. Make sure it can pass 6 to 8 hours of Prime 95 to be sure it's stable.
  12. yeh i'll do that tonight. And if it dosn't? do I increase voltage or reduce multiplier a bit?
  13. either I think
  14. Or dowse it with some water :)
    Yeah cause of ur board you have very limited control over voltages.
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