Bsod 0x00000d1 error viahduaa.sys

i got a bsod on this error and when i played games like 2k10 it appears but when i remove my audio drivers it doesnt appear anymore so it means im playing with no sound my specs is

asus p5q se2
gts 250
2gb kingston
hec raptor
20"lg lcd
22x dvd drive lg

my drivers are all in the latest the video card is 195.62 and the audio card is i only remove the audio drivers it is 3 days running good right now but the problem is i dont have a sound cause i uninstall it
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  1. seems it's a via audio driver
    perhaps an updated driver, if possible

    perhaps is incompatible hardware

    I googled the driver name - lots of people with same problem, slightly varying descriptions

    perhaps via website might help
  2. If this is a XP SP3 system, did you install Microsoft UAA HD driver being your own audio drivers?

    If not, download and install from then the VIA drivers.
  3. no men i only install the audio drivers from my cd of drivers in p5q se2
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