HDD keeps shutting off

I recently built a new PC, and I set up my 64GB SSD and 1TB HDD with AHCI configuration. I installed my OS and major programs on the SSD, and I plan on putting my media on the HDD. However, the HDD keeps shutting off. When I tried to transfer large files to it, it stops working, is no longer visible, and then after a few minutes it show back up empty.

What have I done wrong?
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  1. When you Partitioned and Formatted the 1TB HDD, did you install a FAT32 File System? That system cannot handle very large files. Since this is a new empty HDD, go back into Disk Management and re-Partition and Format it. (This will destroy anything already on it, but your post indicates it has nothing, anyway.) This time, install the NTFS File System.
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