I have an Athlon II 630 with the stock AM3 cooler. Temps are fine, but it's very noisy under load. Is it possible to just replace the fan with a quieter one, without replacing the heatsink too? If so, any recommendations? Looking for something as cheap as possible...

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  1. Check They have one listed for $6 after $10 rebate.
  2. You may be able to turn down the rpms in the bios. Check the hardware monitoring section. If the settings are number based, use a lower number. If temp based, raise the trigger temp to 50c.
  3. Thanks for the replies o1die. Unfortunately I'm in the UK so is no good, which is a shame as it looks good.

    The fan is pretty noisy even at idle. I was just wanting to know whether you can swap the fan out without having to replace the heatsink too- ie. is it a standard size fan with standard connections?

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