Just after opinions on what I'm building

Hey guys and gals.
I'll prob get flamed for being in the wrong place or asking the samne stupid newbie question, so please feel free to tell me where to go. ;P

Tried my first overclock about a week ago on my aging old bus (built Chrissy '07) and now of course, I want more.

Currently running
E6850 Conroe w/ stock cooling
8600GT (MSI N550GTX-Ti on its way)
2GB generic DDR2 ram.
Cheap Samsung bluray player

I know I should dumpo the lot and start again, but I'm an avid fiddler and want to slowly (as money comes in) upgrade.

So I initaially want to chuck 8 gig of ram at it, throw in the 550Ti and try cooling it, (running a Sonata case with twin 120's oif some sort.)
Any advise? I thinks my 480psu might have to go too... Will find out I guess.

Currently got the beast clocked @ a stable 3.4GHz @ ~62'c depending on ambient temp.

Was eventually going to go for an Asus z68 Maximus (I think it was) and water cooling like a corsair H70.
A secong N550GTX-Ti to match the first
Shaw viper or Antec ATX 1000W psu
And hoipefully a baby SSD to boost basic operation speeds (music, video and data stuff).
And of course up the ram.
And watch it fly.

One day chucking in a 2700 quaddy as well.
Am I barking up the right tree, or am I kidding myself to think this is a good way to go?

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  1. dont bother upgrading your mobo, processor or ram right now. as none of it will be compatable with your current system and ivy bridge is about to come out. 2 months away.

    now if you want a new case; power supply, burner, or even an after market cpu cooler (thats compatable with your current socket 775 and socket 1155 for ivy bridge; then go ahead.

    hard drive prices are gonna continue to fall so holding off on that will save you a little money.

    on a side note. it looks like its a gaming system so a i7 2700k is just a bad idea, as it gets the same performance in games as the 2500k for $150 more
  2. Thanks for the notice.
    Why would my case, burner, etc not be compatible???
    I don't know a huge amount, only really what products are good, not how well they work together. I assumed that with the exception of DDR3 ram, everything (that I had listed) would change over... NO worries. Will look at full rebuild down the track when I feel rich... Maybe another year or so. If my baby will hold out.
  3. it would be compatable, I was just saying that you can replace them if you wanted something better. as long as your current case isnt annoying you i suggest keeping it. same goes for burner.
    power supply on the otherhand, is the most important part of a system. so if you have a cheap one. you might want to consider getting a good quality one. this actually effects the overall stability of your system and how long components will last. also your current one might not have enough wattage to drive 550 gtx or might not have the right connectors. check it out.

    the cpu cooler as an upgrade would help you run cooler or overclock further with your current cpu and could be put on your new system, if you pick a compatable one.

    i personally would buy all new parts and keep the old computer as a backup/file server. or give it to a family member. i give out a lot of computers to family. 4 last year. i eat a lot of ramen :)
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