Building a new computer soon, what programs to check stability/temps?

Hello, I'm going to overclock a 2600k so I'd like to monitor things for stability and temperatures. No video card yet so I don't plan on keeping it overclocked permanently.
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  1. use intel" burn in" linpack, its the best. Run like 10 cycles and if it passes youre all good!
  2. I use Real Temp to monitor my temps, CPU-Z to monitor my OC and of course Prime 95 to check for stability of my OC.

    I run small ftts first for about an hour then blend for a couple hours. Intels burnin is a good CPU stress test too, I just perfer P95.

    Good luck to you in your OC'n. :sol:
  3. I like P95. The above suggestions are good.

    When you do get a card, get MSI Afterburner if it's an AMD card or EVGA Precision if it's Nvidia (Afterburner will work, but I prefer the look of Precision).
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