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I've got a 5 year old computer and decided to add in 256 MB of RAM to the current 512 MB. But, when I boot the computer with the full 768 MB, the black intel boot agent shows up, stating that it has detected a new configuration setting for the RAM. On the bottom, it gives me function button options (F1, F8, F12 maybe?). HOwever, when I press F1 (save settings) nothing happens. Actually, none of the buttons work, even when I change keyboards. The same happens when I leave only one SDRAM in the slots.

Additional info: (CPU:INtel pentium 4 PCU 1.60 GHZ)(motherboard and manufactured by Compaq)(GPU:Nvidia Vanta/Vanta LT)

How can I work around this?
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  1. Also, I tried changing slots and chips around. All of the SDRAMs work. All slots work.
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