Help with sapphire radeon hd3650 agp "no signal"

Hi, this is my first post so bare with me,

So my problem,i have a new hd 3650 agp card as my x1650 card crapped out. i fit the card and turn on the p.c.This appears to boot up but there is no signal to the monitor.The fan on the card is spinning and i believe i have connected it right. i've tried updating the bios agp driver,unstalling old ati driver i'm at a total loss.
My specs;
mobo, asus p4s800d-x
cpu, int p43.0gz HT
ram, 3GB
OS, Winxp 32bit

Would really like some help with this.
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  1. How did you uninstall the old driver if you can't get into Windows? What connection are you using to your monitor? If you wait a little bit, then type your password and try logging on (blind) does it do anything?
  2. I have an older card, radeon 9600 that i put in to uninstal the drivers then reboot and put in the new card.The connection is the digital one(can't remember the name of it),it worked fine with my last card.Not tried that last bit about logging on blind,not sure i'd be able to do with out seeing anything.
  3. Ok, well that is a good bit of info (I just wanted to be sure the rest of the PC is ok). So, when you turn it on, you don't see any of the post/boot/BIOS info, correct? Would it be possible to hook it up with an analog cable (or convert the digital to analog)? Sometimes that helps if there are any GPU/Monitor compatibility issues.
  4. When i turn the pc on,i don't see a thing the monitor sits there in standby.I turn it off and on again and it just says "no signal".i have a converter plug but i don't have a analog cable so can't try it. Is that a common problem?
  5. Hi!

    Same problem with my sapphire HD3650 AGP, but my PC boots if I try it 2-3 or 4 times. I tried to put some "AGP delay" in the bios, and it looks like it reduces the chances of black screen. But not sure at all it comes from that...

    With this, I have problems running 3d games in windows, and I experienced problems with ubuntu (seems OK now) for 2d applications, and videos.

    This card is very good for its performances, but has crappy support from AMD. :cry:
  6. Hey hey hey !!!

    Good news for me, as described here [], tuning AGP port of my mainboard to 4x instead of 8x solved the problem !

    Now I can play without any problem. Hope that perfs won't be too much affected.

    So, for your problem, perhaps you could use your old card to tune your AGP port in bios to 4x, and see if it goes with the hd3650 ?

    Hope it works for you.
  7. i'm having the same exact pc specs as the op has... and unfortunatelly the same issues. any help would be much aprreciated!!!


    how can you put the agp at 4x? from the bios menu?
  8. Yes, from BIOS you should be able to limit AGP speed bus.
    I still have no more problem since I changed this, so I confirm: the solution IS to go for 4X.
  9. i looked into the bios and couldn't find anything concerning the agp speed...i'll try harder...thanks for tha info man!!!
  10. Hi,

    I've been having the exact same problems, it's very strange.

    The card works fine in one of my computers, but in the other one it doesn't get any signal at all. I have tried using both VGA and DVI cables, I also tried changing the AGP speed to 4x, but that didn't work.

    I have tried an older randon 9600 in the computer and i know it works fine. So how can the HD3650 work in one computer and not in the other?

    I'm stuck on thinking it must be something to do with the mobo.

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