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Not able to copy DVD of a movie

I bought a DVD with .VOB files i am not able to copy it on my hard disk because when i start copying it shows an error of not enough space in my hard disk , but the dvd disk is 0f only 4.7 GB , and when i explore the dvd and select all the files the total memory shows around 400GB Please Help i am not able to copy the DVD i used different software like Power ISO,Alcohol 120 , CDclone ,Nero etc. to ISO file and keep safe in my HDD but i get different errors.

When Using Power ISO i get error that E:\Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)
Please Help !!!
I have used Tera Copy and Normal Windows copy To Copy the disk but i am getting the same error
And i have around 200GB free in mY Hard disk !!!!

Please Help!!!!!
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  1. Does this DVD have copy protection?
  2. Yeah if this dvd is copy protected,you have to decrypt the keys,which is the protection on the dvd.....
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    If the file is larger the 2gb (4GB?) and you have FAT32 file system, you will see those errors. That also means this DVD is not legit.
    Also the encryption on the disk can give you errors like CRC. I recommend buying legal DVD backup software if that is your choice.

    *note all dvd's have VOB files.

    **note decryption of such DVDs are not allowed on Toms Hardware.
  4. ^ Should not have an issue with Fat16 or 32 (vs ntfs) format. dot VOBs are limited to 1 gig. Blu-ray are typically 12->40 gigs for a single file and can not be copied to a Fat16 directory (not sure about Fat32, but probably also true.

    Please edit my post and delete the following if inapproprate.
    If these are your personal "BOUGHT and paid for DVDs" you should be able to place on a HDD for viewing or as a Back-up in case the orignal becomes a frezzbee. IF you are "Barrowing" these, then It is illegal to copy them!!!

    Purchase AnyDVD (NOT a Free program) install and that should solve your problems.
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  6. thanks for your replays !!!!!!1
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