Os installation,please help

Hey guys,
I got a new rig and it's been a week since i've been trying to make it work.

I have a asusp8z68 vpro motherboard,seagate 6gb/s 500gb HDD,8gb corsair ram.

I have connected my hdd to 6gb port on the motherboard and the 160gb old hdd to the 3gbport(but have disconnected it since i want to install my OS on 500gb one)

the sata optical drive is connected to an another 3gb port.

the issue is,whenever I try to install xp64bit it does the initial setup and then a bluescreen appears stating check for virus or hardware installation problem things like that. When I tried windows7 it went a bit ahead and stopped at 97% citing reasons like some drivers can't be installed as being corrupt and all.

Please help.
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  1. First, forget installing XP-64 bit. That should only be installed on hardware that has certified drivers.

    Now, the Windows 7 issues could be from bad memory (or overclocking), or from a bad DVD.
  2. Hey, pc has started working on 64bit. Had to change the sata setting to IDE instead of AHCI inside the BIOS :)
    Learnt a lot about AHCI regardless.

    Thanks anyway.
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