5770 overheating asus p5wdh deluxe

Hi Guys, Just got an Asus 5770 and now my motherboard is overheating. PC probe is says 50c under load.
I think it's because the card nearly rests on the brass coloured heat sink on the bottom half of the board (southbridge?)
Any cooling solutions for this?
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  1. You'll have to find some way to break the contact between the card and the motherboard, obviously your card is transferring heat from itself to the mobo.
  2. I have 2 PCIE slots but which ever one I put the card in it's very close to the southbridge. It's all stock speeds too, will I have to change the Mobo?
  3. Hi Bodhan,

    I have the same mobo. You need to install your 5770 in the top PCI-E slot, not the bottom one. No need to change the motherboard.

    If you need more airflow, you could add a fan or two in your case.


  4. Thanks Brad, I moved it to the top one and took the tool box out of the Gigabyte Aurora case, now the MB idles at 40c and 47c under load.
    Might get another fan still though, maybe a new heat sync for the processor too.
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