Can a Raid 0 card make a Sata II MOBO Sata 3 speeds?

Dear Community,

I am new to the SSD performance, and optimization. I just got my first SSD yesterday the Crucial M4 64gb, and I currently have it connected on a Sata II port which is performing about twice write/read speeds that my HDD. I have read a lot about Raid 0 configurations, and how they can be Sata III, Basically I was wondering if I buy a Raid 0 card would it make my system like 6.0 gbs, or is it limited by motherboard? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, specially if it also includes in addition to Sata III ports USB3 as well. Again I am new to this area of hardware. I appreciate your help.
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    One man's opinion:

    1) Forget about RAID 0. It's a way of linking two or more drives together to make a bigger drive with higher transfer rates, longer seek times, and less reliability.

    2) On the other hand, you can use a controller card with SATA III ports to control your SSD. The data transfer speed is not limited by the chipset, but rather by the number of PCI Express lanes that the card takes up.

    On the other hand, not all controller cards can be used for boot devices.

    3) If you can afford it, replace the motherboard instead.

    Otherwise, you need a card with at least two lanes if your mobo supports PCI-E 2.x, or four if your mobo supports PCI-E 1.x I've never used one, so I can't give a recommendation.

    EDIT: Your motherboard has only one PCI-E x16 slot, which you are probably using for graphics, and one PCI-E x1 slot. x1 is about 4 Gbit/sec, a little faster than SATA II but not as fast as SATA III. So you would still be limited.
  2. Thank a lot for clearing that up, I appreciate your info and time. I guess, I'll wait until my next built to fully use my ssd performance.
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