Getting ready to buy computer, need help finalizing parts

I am prepared to buy these parts:

Samsung dvd burner
Asus P6t V2 deluxe
intel 920
Asus ATI 5870
Kingwin 1000watt
Gskill 6gb RAM 1600
Windows 7
Scythe Mugen 2
HAF 932
WD Caviar Black 1 TB drive

Some from newegg, some from microcenter.
I just need final build approval/ alert me if any of these parts are incompatible.

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  1. Read this and reformat your post first if you want help.

    We don't have enough information to give you any advice beyond,
    1.How many GPU's are you getting? Cuz...
    2. Your PSU is overkill. Even if u plan on doing 4 way SLI or Xfire.
  2. You don't really need a 1000W PSU, even if you are planning on crossfiring later, 850W is plenty. If you aren't planning on overclocking then 600W is probably minimum, but pushing it, so I would go for 620 or 650.
    Do you know how to overclock memory? Because that mobo doesn't support 1600Mhz natively, but it does if you know how to tell it to.
    Apart from that, fine.
  3. For 2 5870's you would be fine with a Corsair 750TX or an Antec TP-750 Blue which will cost you less than the 1kw unit. Since this seems like a very expensive build the extra $10 to get CL7 ram wont break the bank, the difference is only a percent or two but faster ram helps everything. Other than that everything is compatible.
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