How can I insert 3 memory modules

I have a Intel DG965RY motherboard which hs 4 slots for DDR 2 RAM. I have 2 x 1 GB Transcend DDR 2 667 MHz and 1 GB Transcend DDR 2 533MHz. Can anybody help to configure all the three modules together please........ :cry:
I have heard that we can have RAM's of different frequencies where in the RAM of higher frequency would be clocked down to the lower ones. And i have tried using the 533 Mhz and 667 Mhz together and it works when i have 2 modules(i.e 1 533 and 1 667 MHz) but does not work with all the three.
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  1. The DG965RY is a bit picky with memory. Did you manually set the memory speed to 533 MHz before inserting all 3 modules?
  2. No. Should i try with that. And i'm sorry for late response.
  3. It's up to you. Unless you manually set the timings, 3 modules won't work. Even if you do, they still might not work. It would be easier to install 2 x 2GB of DDR2-677 MHz or DDR2-800 MHz.
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