Windows 7 version question for new build

have reviewed the differences between premium, professional and ultimate

don't need ultimate, but am trying to figure out if I need XP mode which is the main difference (for my purposes) between premium and professional. I have not used Vista (currently on xp) however it sounds handy to know that all my xp progs will work in win 7 with xp mode....but then again I don't use too many weird programs...

I guess my question is 'do most users need xp mode or is it just a nice to have?'

What is the rest of the board doing?
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  1. I run Windows 7 on two home computers and have never had a need for XP Mode. All my applications and hardware run just fine on Windows 7.
  2. thanks for the feedback...I'm thinking I use pretty common progs so prob don't need it...

    it would be great to hear of anyone who does use xp mode, and if so, for what programs...
  3. Ask yourself

    1. Are there actually any programs I plan to use that will only work under XP? IE proprietary/custom software or extremely old software.

    2. Do I already have XP and am i too lazy to have a dual boot?

    3. Do I not know a student in college who can get me win 7 pro for $30? (same price as home premium)

    edit: Link to $30 win 7. When you click to add win 7 to cart, look for a little popup that asks do you need to connect to your school network? and click on that for pro for the same price.
  4. One of the reasons I have never wanted vista is that I use expensive software that will only run under XP . Im looking forward to transfering my xp license to a w7 installation .

    But unless you have specific apps that cannot run under vista/7 its one of those things thats nice to have but definitely not essential IMO
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