Screen randomly Freezes

I recently got a new Processor, AMD Phenom II X4 3.2ghz, and i am also running a 9800GTX and 4 gb of DDR 3 1600 RAM with a 500W PSU. Oh, and Windows 7 RC 7100 and this motherboard:

What happens is when i play CoD 4, my screen will freeze. Everything else still goes on, Ventrilo (sound) is normal. Only my screen freezes. Then i can cntrl alt delete to ya know.. go to that one screen and that will fix it... It only does this quite randomly.

I do notice that it happens after a short while of playing... But however, it never has done this before, so that kind of cancels out any heating issue. And a power issue doesn't really make since either...

One time however, it pixalated at that one screen and i couldn't get out of that and the computer crashed. I just got my Quad core today too and installed W7 back on today...

Just wondering if you guys could be of any help. Thanks
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  1. Generic PSU????? If so thats where I would start!!!
  2. Nope, not as far as i know... Rosewill
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