My toshiba laptop can play CDs but not DVD

Hi Guys,
i have a Toshiba laptop L20-SP231.
It has a DVD drive written on the drive, plays CDs well, but, does not play any DVD. These DVDs works on separate DVD player.
i have tried Microsoft online diagnostic help, but, no result.
Pl respond to
Many Thanks!!!!
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  1. Do you have DVD player software installed?
  2. PhilFrisbie said:
    Do you have DVD player software installed?

    Sorry chief, i am not a computer geek, my answer may not be to the point.
    i do have vlc player, windows media player installed & can play movies downloaded from internet.
    Do i need separate software tp play DVDs?, if yes, which one?
    Thanks for your time,
  3. DVD drives normally come with DVD playback software. You can also play DVDs with Windows Media Player if you have an MPEG2 decoder installed.
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