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I already have every other component for my system and I'm running my computer with a processor my friend let me borrow, so now (of course) I want to get my own processor. I have an xfx 750i motherboard and the socket is LGA 775. I was looking around at the quad cores and I was wondering what my best option would be.

I don't want to go over the $250 mark and I am willing to overclock. I have an antec 300 with scythe fans with a xigamentek rifle cooler so I think it should be good for overclocking.

So, please give me your advice and thank you for your time. :)
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  1. $259 for a socket 775 processor that gets raped by a $199 i5-750?!? No thanks. I'd try to find a used processor for around $100 tops... at the very least avoid the Q9550... man... $259?!? That is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. If you lived near a Microcenter couldn't you get an i5-750 for $150ish and then just get the cheapest 1156 board (around $100-$110) you could find?!? Yes, you're still out memory... but whatever... you'd have a much nicer rig. You could probably sell the parts you have for enough to buy 4 GB of RAM. Voila! An 1156 system!

    If you're determined to go the 775 route, do NOT NOT NOT buy a $200+ processor... I just think (like the guy above just said) that's like burning money.
  2. Just go for like a Q9400, has HT and other good features. Intel 775 is still OK. Yea newer sockets are better but its still GOOD
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    Yeah guys, he asked for a 775 chip, why bother shouting about i5s when that isn't what he wants and the whole new package could cost more than the budget? Why not spend SOME of the budget on something like the Q9400 as mentioned and SAVE the rest for that almighty i5 bundle later? Seriously, it's not like a 775 quad core chip is going to be slow, far from it and even more so with overclocking on top.
  4. Thanks a lot guys for all of your responses and I think I'll go with the q9400. Yes I know it is probably better to get an i5 750 or an i7 920 but I really just dont want to change my rig again, perhaps in the future.
  5. Yup, the q9400 is good, has HT. Good chip.
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