Hp pavillion elite e9120y

Hello, my hdd went bad according to my know nothing tech brother,bought exact new hdd but now he claims motherboard won't find it ,says I need new motherboard, so I went & got it back,trying to install vista pro on new hdd,don't seem to want to take! can anyone please save me? THANKS in advance for any good input! Don...
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  1. Checkout if the HDD appear in the BIOS Setup. Did you use flat cable or sata?

    Maybe a jumper configuration.
  2. hdd shows in bios sata
  3. unkelfester said:
    hdd shows in bios sata

    It needs to be initialized. Select the drive in Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer management ---> Disk Management. Then highlight the selection and do an NTFS format.

    Now you will be able to install Vista (or Win 7) on it.
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