ATI 5850 xfire HELP!

Hi all,
Long time reader fist time poster. Just recently bought another gigabyte ati 5850 too crossfire on my P55-UD3R motherboard. As soon as i plugged it in and enabled crossfire my performance in Crysis has dropped considerbly. I would normally average around 55 - 60 fps on high. @ 1050. Now its going at around 20 - 25 fps. I noticed the PCI ex has 2 physical 16x but only 1 runs at 16x speed and the other is 4x. Not sure whats going on.

Hope someone out there knows whats going on.
system specs. i7 860
1156 , Gigabyte P55-UD3R
4 gig DDR
2 x Gigabyte ATI 5850
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  1. Best answer
    it's your motherboard, according to newegg specs (

    PCI Express 2.0 x16 1
    PCI Express x16 1 (@x4 bandwidth)
  2. Hi Otra thanks for the reply.
    But dam, i just got that mobo 2 weeks ago too. guess ill just buy another one.
    I was looking into this Asus board

    Has 8x 8x speed on the 2 16x physical slots. That should give me the boost i need yes?
  3. That would do it, but save a few bucks and get this board.
  4. Intresting. That board is $40 cheaper here in aus at the PC store i buy from. What are the benifits of the GA-P55-UD4P?
  5. Just purchased the Board u recommended Maxiim, ill install it when i get home and report in. Thanks for all the replies
  6. Its the board I use on a Phenom II x4 940 BE, and its phenomenal for its price.
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