GTX295 shader problems help!


I have Vista x64, 4GB RAM, a Q9650 and a GTX295 with the latest driver installed (191.07). Recently I have been noticing shader probles with my card. The shadows seems like grey clouds and flicker when I move about. Here's two photos I made to display the effect, as I had problems producing an ingamer screenshot as the pic would not generate in the appropriate folder.

This is a level in COD4 modern warfare (Ultimatum) where the shader anomaly is particularly obvious. For comparison, here's a Youtube video from some guy playing through the same level, and you will see that the trees look perfectly fine and aren't blurred out by shadows like in my version:

...I took the pics somewhere around the player's location at 00:59 in the video. See the difference?

What is causing the problem? Can somebody please help?

Thanks! :)
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  1. I have a 850 Watt Thermaltake ToughPower SLI-Ready PSU and a Scythe Mugen 2 cooler.

    As for GPUz, I don't know how to record in-game GPU temperatures, but this is the reading of my GTX295 in non-gaming mode:

    P.S: It's funny how it says there that the GPU was released on June 1 2009 although in reality the GTX295 was released in January :grin:
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