Which psu with this setup should i use?

mobo: gigabyte p55-udl3
cpu: i5-750 lga1156
gfx: nvidia 7950 gt
fan: cooler master hyper 212 plus

i had a 430 watt antec with another set up and i got all those new parts. the computer would start show a screen, then it wouldnt show a screen and stay on. ive replaced just about everything beside the psu, i installed these parts with the same psu and it started up there was a picture, then after a few starts to tget to the bios there was no picture again, my gfx card is fine. if theres any other suggestions besides what psu i need thanks...
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  1. Hard to guess - you probably have a HDD and some RAM, too. There are several PSU calculators that would let you fill in all the components you will run, and give you an estimate, e.g., Antec has one here.
  2. I would think that a nice 500W should offer plenty of juice to power that setup without stressing the PSU to hard, however I always like to plan for the future and if you maybe see a new video card or two in the future, might be worth spending a little extra and getting a 650W. Whatever you do just do not skimp on the power supply, be sure to pick up a quality unit.
  3. recommended psu brand: corsair and OCZ
  4. Here's some choices and their jonnyguru performance ratings:

    Antec SG-650 = 10.0
    Seasonic X-650 = 10.0
    Antec Earthwatts EA650 = 9.0
    Thermaltake Toughpower QFan = 9.5
    Silverstone Olympia OP650 = 10.0
    Corsair 620-HX = 9.5
    Corsair TX-750 = 8.5
    OCZ EvoStream = 9.0
    OCZ GameXstreme = 7.5
    OCZ Z Series 850W = 8.5

    Here's the Editor's Choice listing in the size range

    Enermax Modu82+ 625W
    Seasonic X-650
    Antec Signature 650
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