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Im bored and ready for a fun project. I have a 955be playing along with its friend a 6950 2gb. Im now ready to dive into water cooling mainly to make it look cool and run quiet. The 955 is sitting at 3.7 right now and I want to push for 4.0ghz. That venture is for me to figure alone I just need help on choosing the best parts for finished look, reliability, cost, noise, temps. Whats the best rad rest up? Im using an antec 300 case. Im wanting to cut it up so tempt me. I dont mind running rads outside the case either. Oh I want to cool the 6950 also, are all the blocks 129$ ahhhh!
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    Here is a site that has lots of great water cooling parts

    Here is a water block for your 6950 (non-reference) make sure determine whether your 6950 is reference or non-reference because that matters when buying a water block

    As far as cutting your case apart to get rads into it I’m of the opinion external rads work better, simply because the air you pull through the rads is colder outside your case. I just feel it’s more efficient. With that case a 140.3mm mounted on top would work great or even a 120.3mm on top with a 120mm mounted on the back. (More rad is always better) my system runs 2x 120.3mm rads and I’m considering a third 120.3mm

    Now choosing rads and blocks this link has great comparisons on rads, pumps, cpu blocks ect
    Make sure you choose a pump that has high flow rate and will be up to the task also ensure you have enough rad surface to dissipate the heat your will be creating.

    Fittings and tubing
    I always buy high flow fittings and my personal preference is 5/8 id tubing and a large reservoir because the more liquid your loop has in it the longer it takes to heat up. Try not to use a pump res combo as I have heard they tend to be noisy.
    When looking at fans look for low rpm, low db, and high air flow to keep things silent especially if you do mount your rad on top of your case. I use a fan controller to control the speed of the fans keeping it quiet under normal use and cranking them up when needed
    There are endless options when building a water cooling system, find the hardware that will work best for your situation
  2. Universal gpu blocks are a better choice financially speaking,
    pump res combos can be noisy but my xspc dualbay is quiet as the grave, I suspect it depends on the actual pump and installation, you can use damping sheet to absorb vibration if needed
    trawl this thread, we came up with some decent sub $200 set ups
    about halfway down the first page iirc
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  4. thanks for the help everyone. I went with an enzotech block that tests just as good as the ek supreme but costs half. Im going with a 2x120mm radiator, 355 pump, forgot the name 25$ res. I will go with a universal gpu block in about a month when the cpu is all finished. I wll get a 120 rad to go with that and that rad will be out the back of the case. The hd bays are being removed and the 2x120mm with be upfront.
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