Sideport memory and pci e graphic cards

Does sideport memory be of any use if i use external pci e graphic cards?
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  1. After no replies from the forum,i started to search for sideport memory in the net and other forums.This is what i got.

    Sideport memory is used by ati tech. as dedicated buffer memory for integrated
    graphics,located on the motherboard.It is usually higher clocked ddr2 or ddr3 memory
    which is faster than usual system memory providing better performance for integrated graphics.
    Motherboards claim for an increased >10% performance by using sideport memory.

    This was incorporated in amd motherboards because the IG need not access the memory controller
    which is located in the cpu to refresh the buffer memory(So that the cores of the cpu need not
    be awaken from their low power states).

    For more detailed information:

    And finally coming to the answer for the my question

    i think sideport memory wont be of any use if you use external pci e graphics card as they have separate
    memory for it's operation.

    But still for those who look for a energy efficient system and use most of time
    spending on surfing,checking mails or similar non extreme graphics applications
    IG is very good by providing hybrid options( switching between IG and pci e gpu).
    where sideport memory out performs comparably slower system memory.

    Pls correct my mistakes(if any) and add extra details.
  2. Greetings

    So now you just have to figure out how to award yourself the "best answer".

    One way to make use of that "sideport memory" and get a significant increase in grapics performance is to combine the on-board graphics with a compatible add-on graphics card in a "Hybrid Crossfire" configuration. This is a very cheap up-grade as the only cards that work are last generation or 2 cards that match the 0n-board card. I had a 785GX MB with on-board 3200 video chip in "Hybrib Crossfire" with a 3450 card ($45) and it worked on most games until I got Sudden Strike III and had to up-grade to a 4890 I'm not sure what cards "Hybrid Cf" with the 4290 on-board chip on 790GX-890GX as the Crossfire chart from ATI Radeon doesn't seem to be up to date.

    I will start another thread with that question in the title.
  3. rajiv1990:
    look i was not trying to answer my own question and get a best answer by myself.

    i know that would be cheating,so i am still waiting for further threads.
    since there were not much details anywhere about sideport memory
    and since none of you guys replied i thought of writing something myself.

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