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Sort of a long story so bear with me: 2 days ago I was using my pc as normal when my monitor suddenly went into sleep mode. No input by me would bring it back out. I ended up resorting to resetting my pc, at which point it failled to start up, instead giving me a post error and nothing beyond that. After leaving it alone for a while, it ended up starting up correctly, but after loading windows my monitor once again went into sleep mode and my pc was unresponsive. This cycle repeated a few times, and then I tried to figure out what the post was trying to tell me. It seemed like a video adaptor issue, so I replaced the video card. I no longer get the error, and my monitor no longer sleeps, but now my pc gives me the diskboot failure. I have no idea what the issue is. At first I thought maybe something was overheating but nothing is excessively warm. All fans and parts run when I turn my pc on. I have checked all cables and everything seems to be as it should. Any info on how I can fix this is appreciated. I apologize for the lack of formatting, I am using my phone to post since my pc is out of order. If it helps I use an elitegroup mobo, an amd 64 processor and I believe a 550 watt psu.
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  1. You should get into your bios and see if the time and date has changed and also the hard drive boot sequence if you happen to use two or more drives. Usually the drive order is lost when the bios battery dies and it will try and boot from the wrong drive giving information that is misleading such as missing loaders and dlls and such. A very easy thing to fix if the battery is dead. Even after updating a bios the time will have to be reset and the drive orders checked. You need to know which drive info is the c drive if you do use more than one.
    good luck
  2. I have taken out the battery and then put it back in but I have no idea if it's dead. It is something I can easily replace, though. However earlier I noticed my bios not picking up my single hdd or my dvd drive, I replaced the psu after discovering the dvd was not getting power and since then bios does recognize both drives. Since then I have only gotten the boot failure once, but now it goes past that and freezes on a blank black screen before it's able to load windows. I have checked bios and the date is current. I normally have the dvd set to boot first then hdd, but changing this has not helped. At one point I also got a please resetting cpu frequency error too.
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