As of late, I've been getting lock-ups when playing a few games (cod4, world in conflict, men of war, and a few others), and while watching movies. I've yet to see one elsewhere. There's no distortion or artifacting when it locks up, or before, and it loops a loud "trtrtr" type sound, and as far as I can tell isn't a sound from whatever I was playing or watching.

My temps are fine, cpu runs 45c idle, 56 max load. My gpu runs 53-55 idle to around 67 under load. I originally thought it was temps, but the lack of artifacting, and low enough temps makes me think otherwise. The only thing I've changed within the last month or so was ati drivers, but I'm only now getting the lockups, so I doubt that's the problem.

I have noticed, however, that after shutting off my pc it makes a peculiar whining sound many times, like when charging up a disposable camera. It sounds like it's coming from the psu, which would make sense since afaik the noise from disposable cameras is the oscillating transformer, or w/e it's called. It lasts for probably 1-3 minutes, and gradually gets quieter. I can try recording the noise if anyone wants to hear it. The psu is only about 6 months old, though. :(

I stress tested the CPU with Prime95, and it passed, but I didn't test it for longer than a few hours. I'll be running memtest overnight or tomorrow morning and I'll post the results when I get them, unless my mobo can't boot from usb. I also put everything back to stock settings, and I'm still getting the freezes. I checked the event log, and there's nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, hopefully it's something that's still in warranty... Here's my specs:

ASUS 4870 1gb
Phenom 9950 BE
ASUS M3A79-T deluxe
Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850W
OCZ Reaper 2 x 2GB 240-Pin DDR2
WD Caviar 150gb HDD
Antec 1200

Edit: Memtest ran for 6 hours and no errors.
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  1. Kinda hard to tell.
    It might be a PSU problem or software problem. That's my best guess.

    Try to stress test your GPU somemore to see if you get anymore lockups.
    I've used this in the past and it's work pretty well for me
  2. I rolled back the video drivers to what I used before, and went quite a while without a lockup. When it locked up this time, though, it was pretty obvious it was looping game sounds. Anyway, I'll repost after stress testing.

    Edit: Ran it for about 45 mins, nothing. The only way to test psu temps is an IR thermometer, right? It just seems like it'd be heat if it only crashed hours into gaming, and my cpu and graphics card temps are just fine. The graphics card vents into the case, and the psu is right under it though...
  3. Well, I'm at a lost.

    I've had clients experience lockups in games before and it was usually the power supply or the video card going bad. I had one where it would lock up everytime Excel was opened. Couldn't figure out what the problem was? I did a clean install, fully serviced packed and everything and Excel still locked it up. Then I swapped the video card just for kicks and everything ran smooth. No lockups ever since. If you have a cheap video card laying around that is capable of running some games, throw it in and see if it locks up.
  4. My fall break is this weekend, so I guess I'll be stealing my brother's psu and graphics card for a few hours. I'll probably take the psu out of the case, and run a fan over it beforehand though. I just can't get overheating out of my head, with the graphics card venting hot air right into it's intake. Sucks, though, that it takes 2-4 hours to get it to crash. That's a lot of gaming... Thanks for the reply, too.
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