Trying to decide... Asus P6T SE or MSI X58 Pro-E (for $60 less)?

I've posted this in another forum asking for help, but I'm still having a hard time making my decision. At my local Fry's, they're having two different deals:

i7 930 + MSI X58 Pro-E for $320 AR.


i7 930 + ASUS P6T SE for $380 AR.

I went ahead and bought the MSI X58 Pro-E because it seemed to be economically favorable, but I am not sure if I want to return this mobo and get a different one.

I don't plan on OCing or anything. I just want stock settings w/ stock cooling. I have been trying to analyze the two. It seems the main disadvantage for the MSI is their OC support, and high IOH northbridge temperatures. The ASUS seems to have a few more USB ports and better support, overall.

I'm just not sure which one to go with. What do you guys think? Is the extra $60 worth it?

I've used Asus, Abit, and Gigabyte boards in the past. This is the first time using an MSI, and the reviews seem to be decent, although not entirely great. I just hope I don't get a bad product, that's all. I wanted to see if anyone had any input regarding the two (or possibly another board in the same price range). It seems like a lot of people favor ASUS over MSI. I hope I don't get a terrible board that everyone dislikes or has terrible low-quality parts to it. :-(
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  1. In this link you can find some light.,2368.html

    Anyway, I would go for a P6T (not the SE). If you can't get it, buy the mobo from MSI.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply, Henry!

    That link is awesome. It indeed looks like the MSI X58 Pro-E performs a little bit better than the Asus P6T SE. I thought it would be the other way around given the reviews and ASUS' reputation. The strange thing is the regular Asus P6T is $100 more than the MSI X58 Pro-E, and that would be out of my budget. The MSI X58 Pro-E was listed at under $120, while the Asus P6T SE was around $180 at Fry's. I just thought a lower price meant a much more inferior product.

    It's just strange how Fry's prices everything.
  3. MSI has actually been producing some of the best motherboards lately. They don't have a reputation on the same level as Asus right now, but I would say their motherboards are close. I've absolutely loved my MSI, and I've built several other machines with MSI boards in the last few months and they've all been GREAT. No reason to spend $60 more to get something that won't really be any different- just buying the brand name.
  4. With that in mind, I like the other features of this board. I guess when it comes down to what's still tickling in my mind...the only thing that I guess truly worries me is the high northbridge temperature. Everyone has told me it's going to be an issue. Since I don't plan on adding any fans or messing around with any paste or resinking the heatsinks, I just feel that component may be detrimental. Perhaps I'm overanalyzing this, but I don't want my board to overheat or anything...

    But nevertheless, I might just stick with this board since I already bought it for less than $120 (individual price wise)....
  5. Just stick with it. As long as you have good airflow moving through your case, I can't imagine you having that much trouble with it. If you do, its REALLY easy (and CHEAP) to grab a little fan and just zip-tie it down to the NB sink. It'd be a heck of a lot less money and work than switching over to the Asus, just for the NB temp. What kind of temps do you see on it anyway?
  6. Oh, I haven't opened my mobo yet. That is why I still have the option of returning it and getting something else. But I've read from numerous reviews that the NB temps are indeed a significant con for this motherboard. I was worried of the possibility of the mobo getting overheated and eventually breaking down (less than its usual life) because of a terrible flaw with the NB cooling or otherwise. I've read that the temps are insanely high, so I just hope this piece of product is decent...
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    Its a good board from what I can tell (did a little research :-) I would use it myself, and for that price I would choose it over the ASUS boards, knowing the heat issues. I would personally do 2 things to it (which are still cheaper and easier than returning it and getting the ASUS) and that is just replace the thermal paste for the heatsinks and add a fan. I know you said you didn't want to do that, but it'll cost you probably a max of $20 and less than an hour of time, which is still a better deal than swapping boards. Also- Intel doesn't seem to have any issue with those temps either- they're high, but Intel seems to think they're ok all the way up to 95C.
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